Our Story

Vincent Braccia
Creator of Skyseed Energy
L.O.A Certified Master
Carly Hurtado
C.E.O of Skyseed Energy
Bachelor of the Arts

Carly and Vincent are a Devine Couple who head all of the products and services offered by Skyseed Energy. They first created a break through product called the Skyseed which combines affirmations, visualizations, and gemstones in the most simple and effective way for people to harness the Law of Attraction. Then Vincent & Carly began to hand-wrap gemstones into jewelry and sold them at flea markets part-time. Afterwards, Vincent and Carly dove deeper and started to remember gifts they each posses in ceremonial form. They remembered and activated their DNA codons and now speak Light Language. Vincent and Carly have since started to do energy paintings and crystal grid constructions to shift energies of the planet and individuals to the extent each are ready to receive. Vincent and Carly have now been vendors with their hand-made jewelry at some very notable events from the 47 day Made in Philadelphia Holiday Market at Dillworth Park, PA to arts and craft shows up the east coast to multi-day music festivals. There is so many more plans in store for Skyseed Energy, so be sure to follow Vincent & Carly and all of Skyseed Energy to see what will be next. 

Our Mission

Skyseed Energy, LLC is on a mission to help you achieve success in all areas of your life, including: Happiness, Health, and Wealth. Our goal is to raise the levels of consciousness by educating so that you too can become your greatest version of yourself and experience your Heaven on Earth and partake in the optimal golden timeline that the Father-Mother Creator has set up for you to experience. 

Our Promise

We promise that we will always provide our highest level of Love in each product and service we engage in creating. Our products are always completed in a state of love and our services are always created by allowing the highest energies to work through us. Our strong desire is to give you the tools and kickstart to let you reclaim your birth right to be free and experience your Heaven on Earth.


An array of products designed to assist you in acheiving a new energetic frequency so you may begin to attract positive ideas, opportunities and people into your life.

Hand-wrapped jewelry. All of our crystals are hand-selected and wrapped in stainless steel wire. 


Each of us come into this world with a gift. Ours happens to be to work with energy in a way to bring about profound changes within the subconscious mind. Our services are extremely unique as each person has unique gifts and talents. We work with Pure Love & Light.

Law of Attraction is the most immediate tool for changing beliefs and/or behaviors out of all the self-help techniques. The Law of Attraction will produce the most immeditate results. LOA is a combination of having a positive mental attitude, getting rid of the negatives from your life, attracting abundance  and  taking inspired action.

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