Crystal Clearing

What is a crystal clearings?

Crystal Grid Clearing Ceremonies are designed to kickstart you on the Optimal Devine timeline. This ceremony has the power to clear negative energies, activate soul essences, and allow you to experience your Heaven on Earth. Freedom awaits.
We offer private grids, small group grids and very large group grids.

Benefits of a crystal clearings?

Clears negative subconscious aspects. Removes entities and attachments. Repairs emotional and etheric bodies, Receive activations and transmissions. After the ceremony you will have a clear subconscious mind allowing you to reclaim your birthright to be free and experience your heaven on earth. Your point of attraction will shift so that new actions on your part will have new results.

Phone, private or in a group setting?

No matter if you do it over the phone, in a private session in a small group session or in a seminar setting; the energy effects will be the same. As far as getting a really amazing visual experience doing the grid in the presence of Vincent & Carly is a sight to behold; but if you live far and in person is not an option over the phone will have the same energy exchange. 
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