Frequently asked questions

How do gemstones work?

Everything is energy. In order to change what we attract to us we must shift our energy. Like attracts like. Gemstones have specific frequencies they resonate at. What does this mean? When you are attracted to a crystal it's most likely because the gemstone has chosen you because you are lacking a certain frequency the crystal embodies. So when you carry or wear a gemstone within your aura through resonance your body will begin to vibrate in harmony with this stable crystal therefore shifting your attraction point.

How do I choose the right gemstone?

I have found the best way to choose a crystal is to let the crystal choose you. Allow this to happen by sensing which one you are drawn too. Once you have selected a crystal you can't take your eyes off of then read what the crystal properties are. Nearly overtime you will be amazed that the crystal you selected has the exact properties you needed. So I highly suggest if you are just getting into crystals don't buy the crystals alone on what their properties are instead first just pick a crystal then confirm the intuition when you read what it does.

I bought a loose gemstone / pendant now what?

Whether you buy a loose gemstone or sterling silver pendant the key is to keep the crystal within your aura. Your aura is an energetic field that expands about 3 feet in all directions from your physical body. Keep the crystals in your pocket or around your neck. Feel free to cleanse and energize your crystals as often as you want. Just like a human we feel alive when we get some vitamin D from the sun and feel better when we shower. Crystals also like sunlight and moonlight and also to be set overnight in a bowl of sea salt water. Be sure not to place crystals like amethyst and citrine in direct sunlight because their colors will fade.

What are skyseeds?

Skyseeds were our original product that has the ability through repition to chift your subconscious mind therefore chnage your life. Our secretly formulated Skyseed system changes your frequency, therefore your reality. The user will accomplish this by following the affirmation (power of words), visualizations (mental imagery), and the energy of Quartz crystals provided within each package.

How do I use the skyseeds?

Read the secretly formulated Skyseed card (earnestly) with passion everyday and night. Do this while holding the quartz so that you program your intentions into the crystal. Now the Quartz will be resonating with your new intentions. Next close your eyes and visualize what you are desiring to manifest. Use as many senses as possible when you create this mental image. Be grateful and loving. Carry the quartz with you and when your intuition begins to talk... take action. Through resonance your body will eventually start to pick up the energy of your programmed quartz so then you will begin to resonate in harmony with what you have been programming the crystal with. The key to success it to become what you want to attract then... ACT!

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