We bring over 2,000 hand-wrapped gemstones to all of our Shows & Events.

How do gemstones work?

The way gemstones work is based around two universal principles. The first principle involves energy, stating everything is energy. The second principle involves the law of attraction, stating like attracts like. Everything is energy so people hold their own energy and so do gemstones. Gemstones choose people based on what they are lacking energetically; much like a tuning fork that transfers the vibration of energy from one vibrating fork to the still fork, once the energy is transferred through the air while the forks never physically touch both forks will vibrate in the end. The same is true with people and gemstones. Once people start to wear their gemstone on them they will begin to vibrate at the same energy of that specific gemstone because like attracts like. Once people change their vibration their point of attraction will change. People will attract new ideas, opportunities and people that then they must act on in order to change their life.

How do I choose a gemstone?

I have found the best way to choose a crystal is to let the crystal choose you. Allow this to happen by sensing which one you are drawn too. Once you have selected a crystal you can't take your eyes off of then read the crystal properties. Nearly everytime you will be amazed that the crystal you selected has the exact properties you needed. So I highly suggest if you are just getting into crystals don't buy the crystals alone on what their properties are instead first just pick a crystal then confirm your intuition when you read the properties.
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