Lauren K.

My time with Vince and SkySeedEnergy was something truly extraordinary and life changing. I met Vince and Carly purely by happenstance and in all honesty, I came into meeting them, and later our session together, a bit of a skeptic- as I’d pretty much been my whole life. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to believe, I just couldn’t understand how I was supposed to believe that all these things (crystals, cleansings, grids, paintings etc) were going to change my life.

However, it’s true- you’re only able to absorb something and allow it to help you as much as you believe in it. I was pretty low on the belief scale, but luckily Vince was patient enough and my soul was finally ready to become a believer- taking it and running with it, to the best of my ability, slowly and one day at a time as truly changed my life in the most positive ways. 

My situation aside- Vince is the real deal. Patient, caring, genuine, sweet and obviously extremely gifted. My meeting with Vince was such an incredible day of learning, conversation, growth and new friendship. He validated and explained many things I’d been feeling throughout my life. He made me believe I wasn’t alone in the way I felt and the gifts I myself possessed. 

I would recommend him and his business without a shadow of a doubt- to full on believers and skeptics alike. Don’t be surprised if you come out of a conversation with Vince believing a little more than you thought you were capable of. 

I’m excited to see where this journey will take me and I’m blessed because I know I have Vince as an invaluable tool and asset for my growth along the way. 

Victoria P.

How I felt after Grid Ceremony


I had a Grid Ceremony with Vince on 1/11, a very special portal day. 

I was feeling stuck, a bit lost and confused, indecisive and I was also feeling alone as an energy healer trying to live out my mission here on Earth. 


The first thing I wrote on my list of positive affirmations is, “I drive a Tesla”. It turned out that I decided to sign up to test drive a Tesla exactly one week after that. Of course, it was only a test drive, but, it was the first step to making it a part of my reality. As I continue to say this affirmation with positive emotion and belief, and then take action steps to make it happen, I know that it will eventually happen. And after the ceremony, I feel that it is truly possible. 


Another thing was that I wished for more of my hair to grow back, in a certain spot I felt like it was thinning, and to have it grow back thicker. After the ceremony, I made some changes to my diet and took special vitamins, and I do feel like it is growing back to its healthy optimal state. 


Another thing I realized is that, even if nothing immediately changed in my physical world, my perception of it definitely changed. I felt more positive in whatever my current circumstances were and are. I realized that anything is possible. I felt an immense amount of self-love. One of the things that was one of my problems was “I don’t have a lover”. While I did write that I still wish to meet my Divine Soul Partner in my affirmations, the self-love that I felt gave me a greater sense of wholeness, so that I wasn’t always thinking about wanting a partner, or the lack of one being a problem. 


Through Vince's amazing mind mastery, energy healing, and powerful Light Language, I felt that the energy and thought forms that were keeping me stuck had been cleared, and the crystal grid reactivated and realigned my Divine Self. 


Vince also shared deep insights and pieces of wisdom that really stuck out to me.

I hope this doesn’t give away the secret of the master, but here are a few that really stuck out to me. 


#1. As the pendulum swings, the 0 balance point keeps rising. 


As Vince said- For example, think back to the first person you dated. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you love them? Then the second person, third person and so on….


For me, the answer was that they kept getting better!

And will continue to do so. As with everything else in life. 


#2. Even the people that may have “hurt” or challenged you, can be your greatest teachers. 


The example that Vince gave was think of seeing the musical The Lion King. At the end, when all of the characters come out, Scar still gets a huge amount of applause because he had one of the hardest roles to play. 


#3.  Demystified Soul Contracts

I asked Vince if I had any soul contracts that needed to be worked on. I was also a bit confused about the nature of them. My opinion was that they may exist, but they are always changeable. After the ceremony I asked Vince if I had any soul contracts and he said, “If you had any, they are now cleared”. 

So I really felt like I had a clean slate, and I had the power to create relationships from conscious choice in each moment. Whether with family, friends, or someone I have yet to meet. Ok so, in my opinion, we do sort of have karmic soul relationships with our family members, and that’s why we have reincarnated and known them in previous lifetimes. But that being said, I do feel like I had a rejuvenated approach, and didn’t go by the limiting nature of the word “contract”.


I am grateful that I left feeling vibrant, abundant, blissful, and  felt like my energy was cleared. It actually felt like psychic surgery. I am grateful that I left with my list of positive affirmations that I can read anytime, and feel the positive energy I felt right after the ceremony. I am also grateful that I received a special crystal, encoded with the vibration of the ceremony, as well as a photo of my crystal grid. 

Rob S.

Vince showed me the power of crystals and Skyseeds. I knew Vince well before he started Skyseeds and he was always a happy and uplifting guy with ideas churning in his head. He gave me my first set of crystals to both wear and keep in my pocket throughout the day and said to start watching if I see a difference. At first I wasn't really didn't notice much, but at the end of every really great day whether it was a fun day with family, successful day at work, etc. I always had my skyseeds on. Some days I would forget to throw the necklace on and noticed more grind in my days, almost as if the crystals help me keep a light heart. I shared the power of sky seeds with my family and loved ones thanks to Vince!! Vince also helped my elderly father with chronic pain using a laser which he still claims helped him over 2 years later. Thank you Skyseeds 


The session with Vince was truly mind blowing. I felt like he got me out of the matrix. I felt lighter after the session, unstuck and free.

The power of the grid is pure magic and you can always go back and work with it again, while looking at the grid picture. If you want to reset your believe system, shift your unconsciousness - and want a new start in life, I highly recommend it! He and his work is truly profound, magical and amazing.

Bobby Light

I experienced a lot of energy moving in and out of my body. 

Out with the old and in with the new. I felt refreshed and renewed after the session. 

You do amazing work my friend. 

Iva H.

​Before I go into giving a comment about Vince’s grids, I would like to say a few words about him. I have known Vince for some time now and I can say his journey has been that of love and light. I have so much gratitude for my brother of light, that words would not be enough to describe. To bring healing in others, one has to come from the heart and the highest good, and that’s what Vince does. He is one of the most loving and caring people you could meet. Besides meeting such a wonderful soul, you would experience the most transformational clearing grid ceremonies. For me, it has been a gift to be part of his ceremonies. During the ceremony, I could feel the energies being shifted and a lot of clearing going through each energy center in my body. Vince works with powerful dragon energy and many amazing light beings during these ceremonies, also with your guides and higher self. Since the grid clearing with Vince, a lot has changed and shifted in my life. The energies are instantaneous and you will see the results. For me, everything started to make sense and many things fell in place after the ceremony. New opportunities and connections have come since and I am full of energies of love and light. You will not regret being part of his ceremonies. Many blessings.

Joyce R.

Vince has an amazing light that raises your frequency just with his presence. He is the most generous and selfless being who is always giving of himself to help others. I love how he uses crystals to help clear energy! He is the epitome of a lightworker! 

Ben T

Before Skyseeds: I always had a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, and getting to class with a positive mental attitude.  It seemed like the further I went into the school year the more depressing the mornings became. 


After Skyseeds: As I began to utilize the skyseed affirmations everything turned around.  I noticed the sun rising behind me in the car, and my mornings felt more alive.  At first I was hesitant about the affirmations but the more I said them with true intent and passion the more vibrant and happy I felt.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t wear my skyseed.

Daphne L.

Before Skyseeds: Before I found out about these specific crystals as well as talked to Vince I was hit hard with the realization of my dad not being there anymore. The month of March was really tough for me as well as the end of February I had big decisions to make and I was constantly surrounding myself with negative energy as well as people who weren’t really looking out for me. My anxiety was through the roof, there was a period where I had no desire to eat and I was constantly beating myself up. I literally hated myself I felt like a burden there was just so much going on that I didn’t know what to do. From the loss of my dad to the realization that he wasn’t going to be there anymore to school and to worrying about other people. It was safe to say that I really was a complete an utter mess, I wasn’t sleeping I wasn’t me. I needed to change something and my older brother reached out to me as he always does with his words of wisdom and told me to stop procrastinating and go see Vince.


After Skyseeds: After talking to Vince and wearing my skyseeds which I have about four one special one around my neck along with a paradot. As well as two energy bracelets that were gifts given to me prior skyseeds at my father’s passing. I feel completely different. I am so much happier I have been focusing on me so much now. I am me again really and I’m also someone else. I understand how to let go of so many things that don’t matter. I have just learned to love myself. I have been wearing the skyseeds now for almost a month or longer. I wear them every day I have the one around my neck permanently I love it and I can’t even explain how attached I am to them. I say the words differently but it has the same meaning. I am going to achieve my goals and I know I am. If you don’t believe me just ask anyone who knows me. I am going to do it and the first step is to believe in myself. Which I have I can’t even explain what I am feeling now. I just know to always say the words to myself constantly in my own way now.

Liz K

Before Skyseeds: Prior to receiving the crystal I felt horrible and extremely angry for no apparent reason. I was holding my anger in because I wasn’t even sure why I felt the way that I did. That night I came home and as soon as I walked through the door I felt a wave or relief and then a few minutes later I saw the package on the couch next to the door. I wore it for a few minutes and my whole mood and how I felt turned completely around I was so amazed. Then as a test I left it on the first floor and went to the basement to watch TV. During the time I was watching TV I completely forgot about the crystal and the fact that I even saw it and my anger and negativity slowly crept back to me, that’s how I knew this is not a joke and it really was the crystal that assisted me. 


After Skyseeds: I wore the crystal for about 3 weeks now and it honestly made huge changes in my moods and life. I bought other gemstone bracelets during this time but none of them have even came close to do as much as this crystal does after buying the crystal I bought the necklace a few days later from this site. I feel more empowered and my anger has subsided dramatically. I don’t blow a fuse and feel uplifted every time I wear it. At work I feel myself catching myself before I get angry or upset which wasn’t like me before.

Brandon S.

Before: I knew the owner before he started the Skyseed business. One night we started talking about crystals and the Skyseed System. He gave me a piece of quartz and told me to keep it in my pocket. He told me to follow his Skyseed System for a month and let him know how it changed my life. I was skeptical at first, but the crystal was beautiful and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. 


After: What happened after that, I could never have imagined. The stone not only brought more wealth into my life (I am a bartender and my average tip percentage skyrocketed), but I started feeling healthier and I found love and good friendship wherever I went. I was amply abundant in many areas of my life and all that was different was the stone and my use of the system. I soon began acquiring more crystals and it has radically changed my life.


After meeting Vince and introducing crystals in my life, I can honestly say that my life is better because of it. I have made leaps and bounds in my professional life, strengthened my personal relationships, and made huge gains in many other areas personally. I don't know what I would do without the Skyseed System and my crystals. The best part is: it's too affordable not to try. Even if you don't necessarily understand or believe, it's worth it to just try. It just might change your life... it certainly changed mine!

Markus S.

​My session for “My Optimal Life’ with Vincent was very powerful and brought me to a new  level of well-being, Lightness of Spirit.

I was feeling a bit ‘off’ alignment in my already “good" life-  however, I had just been unexpectly terminated from my favorite and well-paid part -time job a month before I did the session.

Any complaints, confusions, tolerations ,  or energetic ‘grumbling’ in my field were released and replaced- Upgraded- to “My Optimal Life’. 

(as a' healer’/ change agent myself , I know that my subconscious mind is listening and recording every thought, every feeling and especially what we speak ! -therefore Vince’s magical process is very scientific as well as mystically powerful . I definately felt better, more in alignment and lighter in my practice of speaking my optimal life ! 

All of life is our personal Creation in these new energies at hand now, so it’s up to me to CREATE my optimal life and Vince’s method is a great structure.

Thank you Vince !

“It works if YOU work it!” - so 'work it’ , you’re worth it !                                                                                                                                              

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